Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dark Matter 1: The Specimen

Dark Matter, Episode 1: The Specimen

(23:52, 23.6 MB mp3, released 2006.08.09)

Written by Paul Mannering.
Original theme composed and realized by Kai Hartwig

Featuring the voice talents of:
Perry Whittle as Doctor Phary Ngula
Danielle McRae as Doctor Cyan Hexel
Mark Kalita as Bishop Colonel Altrum

The series was produced and directed by Paul Mannering
Post-production by Matt McLaren
The executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby

Consider the possibilities if earlier experiments by nature had taken hold, and humanity as we know it today had evolved in an entirely different way. In such a world, the notion of what it is to be human would be entirely alien to us, and what is human in our eyes would indeed be a strange ... specimen.